Gold as an Investment

Is Gold a paying Investment portfolio?

(Take good look to decide)

In India context, though the lure for yellow-metal is fast receding as is evident from the country's imports of the precious metal. But to weather out uncertain times like as prevailing currently with trade tensions between the US and China, North Korea and the US issues coupled with oil crisis and universally declining value of global currencies against dollar - your portfolio should be having some sizable portion into gold.

Now here are some suggested reasons to not take the precious metal off your investment list:

1. Rupee weakening: As was seen after the financial crisis of 2008, wherein gold as a safe haven regained much of its appeal and provided returns to the tune of appx 20% for around 5 years until 2013, the steadily depreciating rupee once again against the dollar in current times will work in the favor of gold prices. And the price of gold is bound to trend higher. But in the current times, strong dollar index is limiting the price rise for the yellow metal. It is to be noted that the Indian rupee vis a vis the dollar and the value of dollar per se determine the price of gold.

2. Geo-political tensions between the US and China: After being halted for a while, the trade tension between the US and China are again re-surfacing and neither of