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Engagement Special Plan

July 14, 2018


Engagement Special Plan


Plan your purchase of your dream Diamond and Solitaire Rings & jewellery by investing in Diamond Special plans. Here u get Double and Triple Bonus along with your favorite designs. Tenure 12 months and 18 months.

# Flexible investment amount.
# Bonus = 2 times / 1 times your monthly investment.
# Discount on Diamond price 20%.
# Authentic and Certified Diamond.
# New designs & Custom-made (made-to-order) work undertaken.
# Safety Guaranteed.

Double Bonus plan (12 months):      


Single Bonus plan (06 Months):






1. All Diamond products are best in their class and certified by GIA, IGI, EGL and other reputed International Labs.

2. Best price guaranteed for Diamond and Solitaire. 20% Off on price. 

3. Tenure (time period) of plan as low as 6 months only. 

4. Completely Safe and Returns guaranteed on all investment plan. 









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