Legends And Lore Surrounding Emerald Jewelry

January 24, 2019

The lush green hue of emerald has soothed and excited people for centuries. The term emerald comes from the ancient Greek word smaragdus which means green gem. The green colour of emeralds has always had a place in mythology. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, in particular, gave great importance to the striking green rock and believed it soothed eyes, and your vision could be restored when gazing at them. Several other cultures around the world also consider emerald jewelry to be the sign of spring, rebirth and fertility. For centuries now, emerald jewelry has been shrouded in legends and lore. Let’s delve a little deeper into the history behind this verdant gem.


Cleopatra's Emerald




Cleopatra cuts no lone figure among the celebrated list of royalty who showed off their personal collection of emerald jewelry. Cleopatra reportedly adorned herself and her palace chambers with emerald jewelry and even gifted them to foreign dignitaries and ambassadors. However, it is believed that Cleopatra intended this more as a display of her power and wealth rather than to strengthen international ties.


Mystical Talisman




For centuries, people and cultures around the world believed emerald jewelry could be used as talismans because of mystical powers. Many people wore emerald jewelry as they believed it would confer wealth and power when worn on their body. These gems were also believed to strengthen memory an sharpen one’s wit. However, it’s most valuable power was bestowing its wearer with the ability to see into the future.In the past eras, the Spanish, Arabs and Hindus believed that emerald jewelry could be used to cure dysentery, infection, poison and even protection against possession by demons.


To soothe vision



Emerald’s soothing green hue was believed to relieve fatigue from tired eyes. A number of gem cutters around the world kept emeralds on their benches. After long hours of close work with other gemstones, gem cutters would relieve stress from their eyes by looking at emerald jewelry.


Revealer of truths